DC FAN > 24V Input > 24V Fan Driver IC

Part Number Data Sheet Supply Voltage (V) Output Current (mA) Control Topology Output Saturation Voltage Lock Time Ratio Package
EUM6890R/S24V Low Noise Fan Motor Driver with Direct PWM Input PDF Download 3-30 1800 PWM Upper and Lower 0.2(@200mA) 10 TSSOP-16(EP)
EUM686224V PWM Fan Motor Driver PDF Download 3 ~ 28 1000 PWM Upper and Lower 0.79 (@500mA) 1:10 TSSOP-16,TDFN-14
EUM6867PWM Pre Drive for DC Fan Motor PDF Download 5.5 ~ 16 Pre-drive PWM --- 1:10 TSSOP-16
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