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Part Number Data Sheet Vin (V) Vout (max) (V) FB (V) IQ (mA) Isw (A) Freq. (KHz) Peak Efficency (%) Package
EUP25701MHz Boost Regulator with 18V Integrated FET Switch in Tiny SOT-23 PDF Download 2.6 ~ 5.5 18 1.25 0.4 2 1000 90 SOT23-5
Part Number Data Sheet Vin (V) No. of DC/DC No. Of LDO/OP Vout (max) (V) IQ (mA) Isw (A) Freq. (KHz) Package
EUP2619TFT LCD DC-DC Converter with Integrated Charge Pumps and OP-AMP PDF Download 2.5 ~ 5.5 1 1(OP) 18 1 2.8 1200 TQFN-16
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