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12V Low Ron Fan Motor Driver with Direct PWM Input


EUM6892 is a fan motor driver for the single coil brushless DC motor. It integrates minimum speed mode, adjustable speed slope control mode, soft start mode, stop mode, fan tachometer, lock protection, auto restart, noise controlled mode, speed slope control compensation, programmable dead zone time, OCP and TSD.

Noise control mode optimizes low noise performance with a SW pin’s resistor according to different requirements, and can drive the BLDC fan motor in low noise and low vibration. Speed slope control compensation can compensate fan motor whose speed curve is not linear. Minimum speed mode can set minimum motor speed by presetting RMIN voltage. Stop speed mode can set stop PWM duty by presetting STOP voltage. The adjustable speed slope control mode can set fan speed slope by presetting SL voltage. Soft start suppresses high peak start-up current, which will also provide a reliable start-up even for low rotation speed. Programmable Dead Zone Time can set fan reduce the continuous current. If the motor is stalled by external force or obstacles, overdrive current may incur coil overheat. To prevent this, lock protection circuit can shut down the internal power devices for a few seconds after motor lockup. Then auto restart circuit will try to power up these devices. EUM6892 has FG/ RD/ 1/2FG output.


  • •Speed Slope Control Compensation
  • •Fan Speed Slope Control
  • •Direct PWM Fan Speed Control
  • •Programmable Minimum Fan Speed
  • •Noise Control by an External Resistor
  • •Stop Mode PWM Duty Adjustable
  • •Lock Protection and Auto Restart
  • •Built in Input Surge Protection
  • •Few External Components
  • •External Programmable Soft Start and Soft Restart Function
  • •Wide Input Range 3.0V ~ 16V
  • •Programmable Dead Zone Time
  • •Built in Hall Bias
  • •Fan Rotation Speed Feedback FG Output
  • •Available in TSSOP-16(EP) Package
  • •RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free Halogen-Free


  • •PC/Server Fan Motor, Printer Cooling Fan and Frequency Converter Coolers
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