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6.5-W Mono Class-D Audio Power Amplifier


The EUA2107 is a high efficiency, mono bridged-tied load (BTL), class-D audio power amplifier. Operating from a 12V power supply, EUA2107 is capable of delivering 6.5W of continuous output power to a 8. load with 10% THD+N. The EUA2107 features a differential input architecture offering improved noise immunity over a single-ended (SE) input amplifier. Amplifier gain is internally configured and can be ed to 12、18、 23.6 or 35.5dB utilizing the Go and G1 gain pins.

The EUA2107 also features short-circuit and thermal protection preventing the device from being damaged during a fault condition. The EUA2107 is available in thermally efficient 24-pin TSSOP package and does not require an external heat sink.


  • • Wide Supply Voltage: 8V to 24V
  • • Unique Modulation Scheme Reduces EMI Emission
  • • 6.5W 8. Load From 12V Supply (10% THD+N)
  • • Short circuit Protection (Save two Schottky Diodes.)
  • • Low Supply Current….8mA Typ at 12V
  • • Shutdown Current…...1µA Typ
  • • 24-pin TSSOP Package with Thermal Pad
  • • RoHS compliant and 100% lead(Pb)-free


  • • 2.1 Notebook PCs
  • • LCD Monitors/TVs
  • • PC Surround Speakers
  • • Hands-Free Car Kits
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